Boss ME-70 Multi-Effects Madness!

For the last few years I have relied upon a Boss ME-50 Boss multi-effects system to supplement my main gig pedalboard. The reason is simple. My main board is utterly huge, with almost 12 dedicated effects pedals. It’s great, but it’s also a back-breaker and sometimes causes more hassle than it’s worth.

I’ve discovered the tough way that hauling around a gigantic pedalboard isn’t always the smartest solution, especially for quick gigs or practices. As a result, the ME-50 has proven worth its weight in gold on more than one occasion. I never thought I would want to replace my Boss ME-50…then Boss introduced the ME-70.
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Multi Effects Pedals vs. Single Effect Pedals

I can remember even having this argument with one of my good friends. I preferred single effect pedals over multi effects pedals and he was just the opposite. We debated the pros and cons of each for countless hours. So what are the pros of each which is right for you?

A single effect pedal has its rewards because they are typically of high quality, can be modeled after a famous guitar player’s set up, and have an exclusive sound, effect, or tone. The bad thing about them is often the cost. Single effect pedals can cost a fortune. The other negative is that people often grow tired of their new single effect pedal, and never use it again. Swooosh! Two hundred dollars of fine craftmanship down the drain.
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